43 Online Parenting Class Reviews

43 Online Parenting Class Reviews

Thousands of people are court-ordered to take an Online Parenting Class daily.  Taking an Online Parenting Class accompanies most divorces with children.  Online Parenting Class Certificates of Completion are accepted by most courts nationwide.  We have surveyed 43 divorcing parents across the U.S. for reviews on their Online Parenting Class.  We rated the top four sites in the order of our recommendation:

Certified Court Classes

4.5 out of 5.0 Stars

Certified Court Classes has been around for over a decade.  We are told from people in the industry that they are the pioneers of online parenting education.  Their simple website is not at all fancy; however, they are priced reasonably at $29.99 for the 4 Hour Co-Parenting Course.  They also offer specialty courses such as the "Florida Parent Education & Family Stabilization Course" for $19.99.  They are on the approved provider list for the State of Florida.  Florida is the only state we were made aware of that has an approved provider list.

Their content is plentiful.  Customer service response was quick.  It is a self-paced course and you can finish it fairly quickly.  The Certificate can be downloaded in pdf format.  Everyone we surveyed who took the course reported that their certificate was accepted.  The company is owned by a Masters level therapist.

National Parent Online School

4.5 out of 5.0 Stars

National Parent Online School is owned by a CAADC, Certified Parenting Instructor and Master level therapist.  They offer a moneyback guarantee so that in the event your certificate is not accepted, you receive a 100% refund.  However, all the customers we surveyed who bought this course report that their certificates were accepted.  Many actually said that they unexpectedly learned something and believed themselves to be better parents after taking the Online Parenting Class.

National Parent Online School has automated Online Parenting Classes.  The 4 Hour Online Co-Parenting Class was the most popular of those we surveyed.  The class is $24.99, making it the lowest priced of the top sites.  One of the things we liked most about National Parent Online School is that their class can be taken from any device.  It is self-paced and can be finished quickly.  The website is clean cut and navigation is user-friendly. Certificates are downloaded instantly after completion and are free.  Customer service replied to our inquiry within 24 hours.

Court Ordered Classes

3.5 out of 5.0

Court Ordered Classes received mixed reviews from our respondents.  From what we can gather, the Program Director is "O. Nardos" and the site lists many credentials, although most are irrelevant to the Online Parenting Class.  Our respondents said that the Parenting Class Online offered by this site provided good material and was interesting.  The problem is that the website is chaotic and difficult to navigate.  While they actually provide helpful information on the website, such as a downloadable syllabus or a downloadable letter to the court offering details about the program, these items are very hard to get to and easily overlooked.

The training cannot be taken from any device.  Offerings are confusing.  There are parenting classes offered in 1, 10, 26 and 52 hour increments.  There is also a "high conflict parenting class" that is typically referred to as the Online Co-Parenting Class which is also offered in increments of 1, 10, 26 and 52 hours.  There is not a 4-hour offering. Certificates are not instant.  Customer service was very slow responding to us.  They took 2 days to reply to our inquiry.  Although the material was interesting, it took a long time after purchase to receive and was difficult to get to.  As for pricing, it is $10.00 "per hour."  That puts the pricing at $100.00 for the 10 hour Online Parenting Class.

Course for Parents

3.0 out of 5.0

This site used to say that they were owned and operated by "Tom Williams."  Now, the Online Parenting Class says it is operated by a woman who has a Bachelor of Arts in Human Science.  The 4 Hour Online Parenting Course at Course for Parents certainly has its pros and cons.  We will start with the positives.  You receive instant access to the Online Parenting Class curriculum.  The system is easy to navigate.  They are also on Florida's approved provider list.  Most other states do not have approved provider lists.  You can log in and out and are not required to complete the class in one sitting.

Now, for the negatives.  The Online Parenting Class on courseforparents.com works on most (but not all) devices.  It has minimal material.  The curriculum leaves much to be desired and our respondents report that they did not learn much from this course.  The class has a timer installed.  You cannot advance to the next page until the timer runs out.  You cannot get to your Certificate of Completion unless you sit through the entire four hours.  You cannot log on and walk away because you have to click "next" on each page when the timer runs down.

The website also has "security questions" when you take the Online Parenting Class.  These security questions are there to "verify that it's you taking the class."  Be sure you remember what answers you give because the questions pop up once every 5 or 6 minutes and you are required to enter the same answer that you entered initially or you will be locked out.  The ridiculous part of this is that the safeguard does not even work. If someone is taking the Online Parenting Class on behalf of another person, they simply must remember what they entered initially.  These "security questions" do not provide any security, they just add user complication and draw out the four hours into four hours and ten minutes.  Finally, their customer service representatives are more like sales people.  They are happy to coax you into buying an Online Parenting Class, but once you make the purchase they offer little help and become unresponsive.

If you have had an experience of your own with an Online Parenting Class, we would love to hear about it!  Please comment below.


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