Can You Take CPR Classes Online?

Can You Take CPR Classes Online?

Yes.   Yes, you can.  The real question is probably do you want to take CPR class online?

I have been CPR certified for many years, and I always go recertify in person.  After all, there is no better way to learn how to perform chest compressions than to perform them repeatedly on a CPR manikin in front of a certified CPR instructor.  Not only do you want to get a good feel for chest compressions, but creating a good seal for ventilations can also be tricky.

Nonetheless, you can take CPR classes online.  They are readily available.  We have reviewed three of the most popular sites. Based on our research, CPR certifications from online CPR classes are generally accepted.  IMO, the first time a person gets CPR certified, they should probably go in person to make sure they can successfully perform the physical skills involved.  However, maybe recertifying online is an acceptable and convenient way to get recertified. 

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider classes are also available online.  This becomes trickier than CPR classes.  In our research and experience, we learned that most employers and nursing/medical schools do not accept online Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider certifications.  There is more equipment involved for BLS classes.  Participants are expected to successfully perform one-responder CPR and then work in a team environment to perform multi-responder CPR using an AED and bag valve mask (BVM).

After speaking with 39 people who have taken an online CPR and/or BLS class, reaching out to 15 online CPR providers and weighing out the information obtained, we have discovered that you can take CPR classes online and you can take BLS classes online.  However, if you are taking a BLS class online, you may want to verify with your employer/school/organization that an online certification will be accepted because it usually is not.  If you are taking CPR for the first time, you might prefer to take the class in person even though you can take it online.


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