YogaRenew Teacher Training

We subscribed to their email list.  They emailed out a suggested "sequence for forgiveness."  The peak pose was savasana.

There is nothing wrong with this sequence... I guess.  It is unusual.  You cannot smoothly transition from wide legged forward fold to seated forward fold.  The same is true for seated forward fold to pigeon.  And, to say the peak is savasana leaves us questioning whether or not these people even practice yoga or if they are just trying to cash in on an industry that is growing in popularity.

For the $425, you get what you pay for.  The training can be completed in less than 10 hours and should not be categorized as a 200 hour yoga teacher training.

The only portion of the YogaRenew Teacher Training that we thought was quality was the anatomy videos.  The anatomy videos are form Yoganatomy.  They use his videos exclusively for anatomy and adjustments.  They are pretty much repackaging his content as their own and then testing you on it.

We don't see the founder, a Nadia Goudy f/k/a Nadia Azam, anywhere in the training.  I think we hear her in a poor quality voiceover during the pranayama videos that show another person practicing pranayama with her audio instructions.

They advertise that they give "bonus meditations" with the purchase of the training.  The "bonus meditation videos" are youtube meditations.  There are two short meditations with a third party male voice speaking, and there is no video.

Here's the disturbing part about YogaRenew…. we don't really know who is overseeing this operation and whether or not this person has any real knowledge of yoga.  We are told that Nadia Goudy is the founder, but Nadia Goudy has no ties to any yoga community anywhere.  She hasn't even disclosed where she took her yoga teacher training (which is a red flag), she is not registered with Yoga Alliance (which doesn't necessarily mean she is not valid) and she doesn't appear to even teach yoga.

We did a little research and we found out that Nadia was a SEO wizard.  She's a great marketer!  She loves yoga, and she has shared with close friends that she always did yoga on youtube.  Eventually, she decided to capitalize on her passion for yoga and create her own yoga teacher training.  She ordered a few books on yoga, hired some models on craigslist, and cut a deal with yoganatomy for the use of his videos.

Ultimately, YogaRenew Teacher Training is an okay option for those of you who "just want the paper."  If you're in it for a quick certificate, this might be the way for you to go.  If you're relying on the training to teach you something you don't already know, we recommend you keep looking.


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